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XECCON Zeta 5000 (Lumens) R with wireless remote switch

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Stadium lighting for the trail

Let's be honest, you can never have enough light, but it's always been a trade off with run time and reducing weight. Now you can have it all! Pumping out a whopping 5000 lumens for up to 2 hours - life on the trails has never been so good!

Now you can carve single track and attack the downhill switchbacks like it's daylight - heck, arguably faster now you are picking out every minute change in the terrain!

With 6 CREE XML-L2 emitters you get state of the art LEDs combined with a perfectly honed beam pattern to give you the finest balance between peripheral and long range vision. 

It's not just about kicking out massive lumens though. XECCON has many years of building high-quality bicycle LEDs and they have used this to control the heat buildup by using aerospace alloys that are much better at dissipating heat than plastics and the electrical components are also designed to manage power so output remains consistent without damaging the circuitry.

With all these lumens you'll probably be hitting the trail harder than ever and you'll need both hands firmly on the bars. That's why the XECCON wireless remote switch is so essential. Super easy to mount and use, you'll always be in control of the power management. 

Includes the best quality battery and components and tested to IPX6 waterproofing (exceeds industry standards)

XECCON offers the best value on the market and back that up with 2 years of full warranty protection.

Enjoy more flow on your night ride with XECCON Zeta 5000R

● LED: 6 x CREE XM-L2 U3 LED
● Ultra bright output: 5000 Lumens
● Run Time: 2.3 - 20.5 hrs
● Mode: Low - Mid - High 
● Strobe Mode 
● Ultra bright Mode
● Material: High precision CNC machined aluminum alloy for superior cooling and tough durability
● Surface Treatment: Type III hard-anodized with laser etched logos
● Battery Pack: Lithium-ion 8.4V 5200mAh Battery
● Charging Time: 5.5 Hours
● Waterproof Level: IPX6 
● Weight (w/o Battery): 125g / (with battery) 420g
● Dimensions: 48mm (L) x 53 (D) x 50 (H)

Smart wireless switch mounts on the bar for easy brightness control leading to more efficient battery consumption.

Fully adjustable and easy mount helmet mount


Light: 2 Years

Battery: One year